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kristen stewart is so feminine and so masculine and so sweet to young girls and so foul-mouthed and so giggly and so brooding and i want to lick her hair

Artist: The O'Jays
Track: "For the Love of Money"
The Life and Times of Coitus Kid: Every time I watch The Runaways I wish it weren’t so watered down.I...


Every time I watch The Runaways I wish it weren’t so watered down.
I wish they told the actual story of why Cheri dresses like Bowie (not just for the talent show but to get kids to stop bullying her little brother).
I wish they covered that she’s a fucking rape survivor (from her sister’s short…

Yeah, I really wish they added in all those important details. I think some people might have found it hard to empathize with Cherie completely because we weren’t shown the extent of her familial/drug problems in more detail and the rape scene was left out of it. You really get a much better understanding of her as a person from the book.

This could have been a pretty explosive movie, if they delved into the whole Kim Fowley Sex Education thing, the lock up in England etc. And as you say, I would have loved them to show those small moments when Lita was helpful/kinder towards Cherie. They could have fleshed out Lita’s character a lot more.

But overall, I do love the movie for what it is.



I like the movies where the good girls get fucked up


do you ever have those people on your dash that you just feel like you’re friends with even though you’ve only talked a couple times and idk they post something and you just think “it’s okay I feel you” and you just really like them and they probably don’t consider you as much of a friend but it’s ok

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Guy on the UPS commercial: You know what's complicated? Shipping. Shipping is complicated.
Me: You have no idea


Can we get rid of girls that make music like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna and shit, then bring back girls that make music like Joan Jett or even Bikini Kill?


I think these girls got a little hangover.